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History: History

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Kings, Queens and Popes are always refered to with Roman numerals. Some twentieth century Europeans were born, married and died in three different countries, yet live in the same village their entire lives!

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Main Library of Congress subject headings--

History, Ancient

Church- History 

Europe, History

United States, History

Asia, Civilization

Africa, Civilization


Helpful reference works-

Ancient Europe 8,000 BC-1,000 AD: an encyclopedia of the Barbarian World  D62.A52 2004

New Catholic Encyclopedia BX841.N44

Dictionary of the Middle Ages- D114.D5

Dictionary of American History E174.A43

Encyclopedia of the American Civil War E468.E53

Arches at Segovia

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Please remember that history covers thousands of years and the entire world.  There are at least four Kings named Henry  who are the second king of that name in the history of their country-England, France, Spain and Germany! The phrase Civil War pertains to many countries, not just the United States.